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Panera hates me!

by frugalista on August 11, 2010

Ok, so if any of you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I am addicted to the Wi-Fi at Panera Bread. I can just roll out to the Panera down the street from my home, purchase a bowl of soup and get busy with my writing. It’s my trusty laptop’s favorite place to hang out! So, the other day, I went to log on at Panera and I was notified that between the hours of noon and 1:30 p.m. during the work week, I could only be on the Wi-Fi for 30 minutes. The next great manuscript can’t be written in 30 minutes! *Primal scream*

Ok, I have abused the Wi-Fi a time or two. Maybe I dawdled at Panera a tad longer than expected. Have the Wi-Fi Gods spoken? Are they tired of squatters who only sip on a cup of ice while sucking up air conditioning?

Starbucks just got into the free Wi-Fi game in its stand alone shops. To be sure, I’ve checked it out. Starbucks is just fine, but it doesn’t have Panera’s menu. And between you and me, I am scared of Starbucks’ coffee. If I get an addiction, I’m doing it big. Something edgy, daring and raw! “Starbucks junkie” screams cream puff! I digress.

Dear Local Panera, please forgive me for my past transgressions. Please, take me and other users off punishment. I promise not to linger for hours…Frugalista honor!

Where do you use wifi? Your home? Starbucks? Panera? Hotels?

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