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Hoarders, be damned!

by frugalista on September 14, 2010

Ok, how many of you watch the show Hoarders? In case you’ve been living under, well, a pile of trash, this show visits the homes of people who don’t know how to throw stuff away. Often, after a trauma in their lives, they start collecting things in their home and the home becomes one big garbage can. They risk eviction. Their marriages suffer (you think?). Their houses smell like crap. Talk about an influential piece of programming. By the time you see fossilized cats in the hoarder’s living room and bugs crawling around in the refrigerator you are scarred changed for life.

After watching Hoarders, last weekend, I had the urge to organize and clean. I mean, all it takes is one piece of paper on the floor for hoarding to begin, right? No one is BORN a hoarder. I spent the weekend donating bags of clothing to Goodwill. Normally, I like to give my good stuff to people I know, but I didn’t have time. Hoarders, be damned! I just needed my extra clothes out of my home. I even cleaned out the trunk in my car. Taking out the extra papers and other crap in my trunk, I’m sure, will save money on gas. I found a red, silk dress in my trunk that I’m about to start wearing again. Please don’t ask me how THAT happened. After cleaning off my desk, I found an extra calculator. Gah. I don’t need two calculators, but rest assured, I won’t be buying another one. Some of you may be getting a calculator in your Christmas stocking. Just jokes.

Anyway, keeping a clean and organized home is a very Frugalista thing to do. You save money because you are less likely to slip on debris on the floor, which can create medical bills. Also, if you donate your clothes, you get a tax write off. Furthermore, junk in the trunk of your car makes the engine work harder, increasing gas consumption. You also get to keep track of your items better, so you don’t buy things you don’t need-like an extra calculator.

Have you watched Hoarders? Does it make you want to clean like a mad person? Do you think the people are being exploited? Is it inspirational?

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