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College debt rises

by frugalista on October 25, 2010

Hi, Lovebugs! Forgive me for the mini-break. I am juggling a few projects (including a redesign of this site). Luckily, the worst is behind!

Anyway, I read this blog post about student debt rising and was shocked.

From the N.Y.Times article:
College seniors who graduated in 2009 had an average of $24,000 in student loan debt, up 6 percent from 2008, according to an annual report from the Project on Student Debt.

The article suggests that many of the students who graduated had taken out their loans before the recession hit. Let’s hope so.

No more debt sexy. College is a beautiful thing, but loans can take a quite a while to pay back. Here is an interesting Q&A with an author who is not a fan of the student loan craze.

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