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#dealchat: Social Shopping edition

by frugalista on October 6, 2010

Hi, Lovebugs! So after a summer hiatus, my Twitter #dealchat is back in full effect tonight. It starts at 8 p.m. est. tonight. We are chatting social shopping.

Social shopping is a major movement going on in the commerce and internet fields. It’s the fusion of social networking and shopping. One of THE major players, of course, is Groupon. With Groupon, you need a certain number of people to buy a deal before you can get the discount. But, there are other sites popping up, too. Sears* has launched its online catalog social-style, complete with the ability to add friends on the site and “like and dislike” tabs on the site.

I’ve written about the topic before, but now it’s time for an all out discussion! Just this week, there is a “Rise of Social Commerce” conference going on Palo Alto, Calif.

Is this the new way to shop? Let’s see. Let’s chat. Follow me at twitter.com/frugalista.

*I do professional blogging for a SHC brand.

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