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Toni Braxton files for bankruptcy

by frugalista on October 12, 2010

Toni BraxtonI was a little hurt when I found out that Toni Braxton filed for bankruptcy – again. She is between $10 to $50 million in the hole. I love her voice and her fashion sense. Her Las Vegas show was acclaimed.

I wonder if her high-end persona is keeping her in the poor house. If she were a folk singer, would she be in this situation? I really hope it’s Ms. Toni’s last time filing. She’s had too great of a career to give all of her well-deserved riches to the mortgage company and jewelers!

She’s also had some health issues which cramped her work. Some reports are suggesting that her show’s insurance company may not be picking up the tab for her missed shows. Saving for rainy days is a must. I think if I were a successful singer, I would try to save half of my earnings. That career is so fickle.

What do you think? Can Toni rebound? What’s your favorite Toni Braxton song?

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