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Frugalista Wears Fake Uggs

by frugalista on December 22, 2010

Good morning, my Frugalistas! I have a confession to make: I bought a pair of fake Uggs. And I’m not ashamed! I recently had to travel last-minute to New York City, so that meant braving 20-degree temps. I needed to winterize my  tropical South Florida wardrobe-and quick.

I have long admired the the Ugg boot phenomenon from afar while living in South Florida. How could a boot be so controversial?! They are so ugly, they are cute. Kind of like Cabbage Patch Kids. I digress.

I contemplated getting a real pair of Uggs to keep my toosties warm, but when I saw the $160 price tag-I froze. If I lived in Chicago, I would have considered it. But I don’t. I live in the tropics. Peep-toe shoes in Florida are considered conservative. In a perfect world, I would have found a pair of Uggs on sale, but I didn’t have time!

I found a knock off pair for $25 on sale at the mall. My wallet rejoiced. I tend to hate blatant knock offs, but I had to make this one work.

Well, my fake Uggs worked just fine. My feet stayed toasty as I pounded the New York pavement.  I didn’t really worry if anyone was checking the back of the boot for the little Ugg label. I just felt good being warm and comfortable. Can cheap be just as chic? I promise not to wear them with a miniskirt!

I am not sure when I will get the chance to wear these fake Uggs again. I’m not too concerned. I have no plans to move north of the Mason-Dixon anytime, soon! :)

Have you ever bought a knock off? Would you buy a knock off? Do you like Uggs? Do they look like bedroom slippers to you? Do you think people who buy knock offs are cheap? Tell me your favorite knock off buy!

Photo by UggBoy/UggGirl/Flickr

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