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Happy National Regifting Day!

by frugalista on December 16, 2010

Gracious! We Americans will have a holiday for anything! So, today is National Regifting Day. This holiday is the Thursday before Christmas, which is when a lot of office holiday parties happen. The proponents of the holiday say that it’s good for the environment to give gifts that you already own instead of buying something new.  It’s less wasteful.

Do I regift? Hmmm. I’ve given my friends things that I haven’t used, and I tell them that I didn’t buy them new for them. So I am not against regifting -but I don’t  regift for birthdays or special occasions. It’s more like, I have this thing around the house that I haven’t used, do you want it?

A lot of people think regifting is tacky. I say if the gift hasn’t been used and is still in its original packaging…it’s fair game. Otherwise, I think people should disclose that it’s a previously used or an opened item. I mean, when you go to stores like Best Buy, you can buy previously-opened electronics on a discount. Once you drive a new car off the dealership lot, the value goes down. Gifts that have been opened or used already have less value. I love Mother Earth like the next woman. Still, it’s tacky to pass something off as brand new. Please disclose if it’s a gift that has been opened or used already.

I would prefer that you not regift something used or opened for an office party. I mean, what’s the cut off for spending for a gift for your coworker? $25?  I mean, you want your coworkers to like you, right? If you give a bad gift, they may cut in you the next office meeting.

Or, your office could hold a regifting holiday party. That way, everyone is doing the same thing and no one feels slighted. Now that’s pretty enviro-sexy!

What do you think? Is regifting evil? Smart? Environmentally sound? Do you do it? Has it been done to you? Reaction?

Photo from mmlolek,Flickr

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