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Are Unemployed Men Sexy?

by frugalista on December 7, 2010

Romance without finance stands a chance? I found this article on unemployed men and their value on the dating scene off a friend’s Facebook page.

The Glamour article says that a study by online dating site Zoosk found that 60 percent of women said they’d date someone unemployed in 2010, up from 52 percent in 2009.

Hmm. Would I date a man who was unemployed? It depends. If he got laid off within the last year – I’d consider it. I mean, unemployment is the hot trend these days. You don’t have to go far to find someone out of work. I would go into the situation with my eyes wide open, though. If he asked to move in the first week we started dating, well, that would be a RED FLAG that he was more interested in housing than me! I am not looking for a dependent!

Two or three years ago, I probably wouldn’t have dated someone unemployed. Romance without finance could be a stress. I would hate to pay for every date we went on. Now, if I were already in the relationship with someone, that’s different. I would not break up just because he lost his job. However, I would most certainly want him looking for work seriously. It’s tough. You may not want to leave someone while they are down, but I would want to be assured he working was hard to regroup.

Are there pros to dating an unemployed guy? Well, he could have more time on his hands to spend with you. Sure, looking for a new job can be a job, but it doesn’t have the long hours of say, an investment banker. He also could be more attentive and eager to please and more appreciative of the company. Some women, including wealthy women, don’t mind supporting the household.

Still, the best case scenario would be for your partner to have consistent income. Man, I will be happy when our economy recovers!

So what do you think? Would you date a guy who was out of work? Would you marry him? Would you leave your mate because he lost his job?

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