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A Great MLK Quote for Frugalistas

by frugalista on January 17, 2011

How are you, my Frugalistas? I’m doing well, just hustling my book all the time!  In honor of the holiday, I wanted to share with you a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr:

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

I absolutely love that quote.  It’s all about taking a risk, trying something new, “putting yourself out there.”  You have to have confidence to do it, but having confidence is a great thing.

I hope this year that you vow to take some “first steps.” It could be trying a new class that will enhance your career. It could be taking a vow of frugality. It could be applying for the new job you want.  It could be deciding to make your personal finance a priority (high five on that one).

My first step?  Do more volunteering! I go to charity events. I write checks to charities. I help out here or there. I am not consistent. That needs to change.

Are you taking a “first step” this year? What are you trying new or doing differently? If you aren’t doing anything new, why not? Let’s change that!

Foxtongue, Flickr

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