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Links of Love!

by frugalista on January 13, 2011

Good morning! I trust you all are doing great! I’m doing well. I’m in full-time book peddling mode. It’s not for the faint of heart, but luckily, I have some great friends who are helping me along the way.  Please check out the following articles and share the link love:

AOL Shopping Called The Frugalista Files a “Must Read” Woot! Woot!

Alumni Roundup did a wonderful Q&A with me! Please tweet and Facebook share the article if you dig it. :)

Book blogger superstar Reads4Pleasure posted a Q&A on me about the book writing process, in case you are curious.

One of the kindest people you will meet, Mary  The Recessionista is holding a Frugalista Files book giveaway. Hopefully, you purchased the book already, but you can still show The Recessionista a little love for hosting the giveaway. If you win the book, give it to a college student!

Paperback Dolls gave the book a nice review. Yay! Paperback is more affordable than hardcover books! Viva la Frugalista!



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