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Fruga Friday: CNN and a Radio Show

by frugalista on February 4, 2011

Today at 4 pm (et) I’m on CNN’s HLN chatting No-Buy Month.  I’m going to rap rapped with Richelle Carey during the  What Matters segment.   Check out the link!

How is No-Buy Month going after only four days in? So far, so good. I’ve only had more dishes to wash. :) Let me know in the comment section how it’s going for you.

Also, at 6 pm, I’m going to be on the Chocolate Pages internet radio show hosted by Pam Perry, a social media expert and book marketer. Yay! Maybe she can give me some tips on how to market my book, The Frugalista Files: How One Woman Got Out of Debt Without Giving Up the Fabulous Life?

You know I have to move some units! Many of you have bought the book already. I know because I read every awesome email that you send me. I am a lucky girl. If you haven’t bought the book  yet…why not? It’s the hottest thing in the streets. Ok, maybe not the streets…more like the bookstore or my twitter feed. 😉

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