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Frugalistas Love Grand Openings

by frugalista on February 17, 2011

Hello! So one of my friends, Jewel, invited me to hang out with her at a grand opening of a new bridal shop in Boca Raton, last night.  She’s a blogger and was going to cover the event. She even offered to scoop me up, which was music to my ears. Why? Grand Openings= Grand time  I know this sounds bad, but business owners put forth their best foot at grand openings to give people a favorable impression.  I nibbled on the free sushi, honey-mustard chicken and sugary cupcakes. *burp* The bar had an interesting drink, a concoction of hynotiq, champagne and peach schnapps. It worked for me. I did a little networking, too.  Because I wasn’t invited by the owners, I was more than happy to let Jewel do her job of taking professional photos for her blog and what not, while I ran amok I chatted politely with other guests. Being a wingwoman is a beautiful thing!

Lesson here: Grand openings are grand, especially if you don’t have to work them!

Have you ever attended a grand opening or reception for something? How was it? Any great goodies?

BTW, the bridal house, Ready? Set.Wed! was adorable. It specializes in setting you up with everything from photographers, designers, entertainment, bridesmaid dresses. Think one-stop shopping for brides.

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