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Tax Day Deals

by frugalista on April 17, 2011

Hello! I’m trying to take the pain out of taxes this year. I’m sharing my annual list of tax day deals. If you are smart, you are already done with your taxes and you are sitting pretty, waiting to take advantage of all of the corporate hook ups.
If you waited until the last minute, be sure to check out the tips in this link about what to do if you need more time (extension).

Anyhow, enjoy!

*Bite Me! Cinnabon is offering free “Tax Day Bites.” Two free bites per guest on April 18 from 6 -8 pm

*Free mini ice cream sundae from Maggie Moo on April 18. Beware: It’s only from 3pm-6pm.

*Free dating!, the online dating site is offering a free 3 day membership on Monday. Hmm. Now that sounds hot. Some of those dating sites are rather pricey. I may check this one out!

*Hello, Drunky! Now if you’re in Atlanta and just want a chance to drink to fit your mood, check out this article on Tax Day Watering Holes!

*Sweat it Out! Bally’s Total Fitness is offering a free workout day. Sounds pretty hot. I used to be a member of Bally’s. I just remember it being very hard to get out of that contract. Ack! Anyway, have fun getting healthy.


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