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Real Men Use Coupons!

by frugalista on May 16, 2011

Hello, my Frugalistas! I recruited a guest blogger today to chat with us about his views of couponing and dating. Please welcome Terence Turner to He’s a good dude and even bought a copy of my book! :) Last Friday, I chatted with my friends on Twitter about whether it’s O.K. for a guy to use coupons on a date. It’s a topic that’s always hot. I have even hosted a Twitter #dealchat on romance and finance.Terence jumped right in with his views and I had to invite him to share them with you all. His views made me rethink my views on dating and coupons. Without further ado (so formal), please read Terence’s post on being a proud couponer!


It was a normal day on Twitter (which, if you are really into tweeting, you know it is anything BUT normal), and the following question (paraphrased) came up in my timeline: To Coupon or Not To Coupon on a date?

My immediate response? Yup. Without shame, either. I mean why not?

Dating is research to me. It allows you to observe behaviors, engage in conversation, and discover more about yourself and your desire. I think that coupon shows you a couple of things about me.
1) I don’t like paying full price when I don’t have to
2) I’m a planner (I normally eat where I can save money.)

I can say I have it honest, too. My mother keeps a Ziploc bag and organizer full of coupons in her glove compartment. She stays strapped. I’ve seen her stretch a dollar like taffy, and picked up on that essential skill.
Where the coupon-usage can go south is if dude makes it into a spectacle. Some of us men are just not smart when it comes to doing things covertly and tactfully. Don’t trip. I am solution-oriented and will help you out this one.

The Game Plan

1. Know the terms of the coupon.
2. Don’t force your date to eat according to that coupon. If you and her are “cool” like that, let her know you have the coupon in the first place. Might make your job a whole lot easier.
3. If you need to use the coupon, excuse yourself from the table after you order and say you have to go to the bathroom. Find the server and handle your transaction that way. That covert way would make James Bond real proud.

So by all means, use that coupon. Use groupon if you have to. If she complains about you using a coupon, she isn’t hungry in the first place. Tell her Turner said that.

Recent graduate (Master’s) of The University of Toledo and will begin working in Student Affairs(Residence Life) at UNC-Charlotte this Fall.
Follow him on Twitter at @turnerthegreat

What do you think? Is it OK for a man to use a coupon on while dating? Does it matter if it’s a first date or not? Would you date a coupon clipper seriously? Are coupons sexy?

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