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Best Apps for Saving Money

by frugalista on June 14, 2011

Hello, my Frugalistas! I had an awesome time at the Chicago Tribune Printers Row Literary Fest, I got to do a TV hit, discussing some phone apps that help you save money. I want to share my appearance on WGN, discussing the saving money apps with you and share with you links to the sites. Also, if there are any apps that you must have to save money, please leave a comment below. Sharing is caring!


Apps mentioned:
You always have your mobile with you. You can use Shop Savvy, which is available on Droid and iPhone. It allows you to scan the barcode on your phone’s camera and searches for the best deals at more than 20,000 local and online retailers. The Coupon Sherpa app finds and displays in-store coupons. It’s available on iPhone.

Gasbuddy: This free app helps you find the closest and cheapest gas in your location. It’s a good deal considering gas is near $4. It’s available on most smart phones.

Local savings
Yowza: This app for your iPhone helps you find the best local savings deals.


The Shopping List app is good to use before you hit the grocery store. Sometimes it’s not about having the right coupon. Sometimes you want to be sure you buy what you need and don’t waste a shopping trip on buying unnecessary items. It’s available on the iPhone. You can coordinate your shopping list with your spouse to make sure no one is over buying. It’s $2.99.

What’s your favorite app for saving money? Your favorite app for wasting time?

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