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Do You Have Tech Budget? RIM/BlackBerry Edition

by frugalista on July 25, 2011

Hello. My name is Natalie. And I have cell phone shame. I feel the need to confess this to you all. I use a BlackBerry phone. Yes, I know the President loves the Blackberry, but among bloggers, having a Blackberry is akin to rocking a Treo (which was my last phone). It’s not cool.

If you haven’t heard, RIM, the maker of BlackBerry cut some jobs today and is going through serious financial problems. I’m not surprised. BlackBerry hasn’t kept up with the sexiest of apps. I mean, if your phone doesn’t have a scan code, you could be missing out on great in-store deals by using shopping apps.I love the email function of the phone, but I find the BlackBerry stalling quite a bit. It’s just not cutting edge to me!

So, I’ve been rocking this BlackBerry because it’s paid for. I really didn’t want to get into another contract with my cell phone company, just to get a discount on another smart phone. Plus, my cell phone provider said it wants to add another $10 to my bill ($120 a year!) when I get a new smart phone. Um, hell no. I’m a faithful customer, so I will be doing some serious negotiation so I won’t have to pay that extra $10 per month.
I also didn’t want to pay $150 for a new phone when I have so much summer travel that I’m doing.

So, I’m trying to wait as long as I can (which isn’t much longer) before I jump into the world of Androids. My last job gave me an iPhone, so I was able to keep up with technology, but I don’t work there anymore and I don’t have access to the iPhone anymore.

So I say that everyone should have a technology budget in your yearly planning. With iPads, Galaxy Tablets and really hot new phones coming on the market yearly, you can’t live without it. I know I am working on a new technology budget. Sometimes it’s about staying current with the trends. I’m thinking I’ll be needing a new phone about once a year. If I wait longer than a year, I start feeling out of touch.

What do you think? Do you have a tech budget? If so, what is it? Do you need a tech budget? How much a year do you spend on gadgets?

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