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Frugalista Friday:Game-Piece Jewelry

by frugalista on July 29, 2011

OMG! When I saw this blog post from the about a Miami designer who makes jewelry out of game pieces, I knew I had to share it with you all! Designer Laura Wilensky makes rings out of scrabble pieces and necklaces using domino pendants. She makes other types handcrafted jewelry, too. The pieces are only $10 to $30 and you can get them custom made. For her first designs, she used scrabble pieces and dominoes from her own personal collection. How awesome is that? It’s good for the environment AND your looks!

From the article:
Earrings,necklaces, rings and cuff links that feature different designs on them like Japanese anime to astrological signs to retro mod are her speciality. “I get the designs from everything from postcards to magazine clippings and cut them out and then apply them to the pieces with special glues. It’s a long process,” said Wilensky.

For more info and photos, check out

What do you think of the designs? Are you good at dominoes? Scrabble? Would you wear a scrabble ring? I sure would. I should get a scrabble knuckle ring spelling the word “FRUG!”

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