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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Split Over Money?

by frugalista on July 22, 2011

When the news broke about J-Lo and Marc Anthony splitting, I tried to brainstorm reasons why the duo is calling it quits. Maybe Marc Anthony got tired of of his wife’s bedazzled and bejeweled cat suits. Maybe J-Lo realized how much she enjoyed backing it up on Les Grossman Tom Cruise at the MTV Movie Awards, last year.

I most certainly didn’t expect that Marc Anthony’s more than $3 million worth of debt from tax evasion to be a potential problem.

Even though the couple is worth more than $250 million, J.Lo was disgusted with the way Marc handled money and when he racked up $3.4 million in liens last year – as first reported by – she told pals: “I’m not bailing him out.”

Call her what you want, but you won’t call her broke. She may have messy loves, but I don’t remember ever hearing anything about her being messy with her financials. Could J-Lo be a Frugalista? I think so! One of the lines of her songs Love Don’t Cost a Thing:Baby, credit cards aren’t romance! That’s right, Jenny!!

Oh my! I guess it’s a lesson for all of us if the rumors are true. Studies have shown that romance without proper finance doesn’t stand the best chance. Some couples don’t even make it to the wedding altar because of the lingering debt of one partner.

My advice? Try to discuss finances with your partner and pay your taxes and other bills on time. If you run into a rough patch, do whatever it takes to get it handled quickly. If your relationship is already stressed, a financial debt will only increase the discontent. People are less forgiving if you have the money to pay a bill, but refuse to do so. It doesn’t look the best. Ask J-Lo!

So why do you think Marc Anthony and J-Lo decided to call it quits? Do you think its because her career is red-hot now? Do you think he was controlling? Do you think he tried to change her too much? Do you think J-Lo secretly wants Puffy/P-Diddy/Diddy/Swag back?

Pam Hule, Flickr

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