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Coupon Etiquette

by frugalista on September 26, 2011

Hello, My Frugalistas! I swear, the coupon game has gone to unheard of heights. Between the popularity of Extreme Couponing and a new daily deal site cropping up every second, it can be a lot for a Frugalista to absorb. Of course, Frugalistas love to save money whenever we can, but we also have taste. I mean, friends don’t let friends dive in the dumpster for coupons!

Frugalista law says be frugal and fabulous, not cheap and tacky! If you buy a dinner with a Groupon and don’t tip the waiter the full cost of what the meal would be…shame on you!! Frugalistas tip appropriately, always!

Last Friday, I did a segment on WHUR radio with the cool Harold Fisher and had a ball, discussing when or if it’s OK for a man to use a coupon on a date. I have strong views!

Here is the interview:
WHUR Interview with Natalie McNeal on Coupons and Dating by Frugalista

Anyway, I’m delving deeper in to the topic at 8pm est. on Wednesday during my Twitter #dealchat. I brought in the A-team of money-saving tastemakers and you should take advantage!! Follower @frugalista on Twitter for the goods from:

Cheryl Yeoh: Co-Founder of CityPockets. In a nutshell, CityPockets solves “daily deal fatigue” by allowing people to automatically import and manage all their daily deal coupons in one place AND sell them in a marketplace if they decide they don’t want them. As Forbes wrote last June, it’s like a “ for daily deals.”

Paula Wethington: Paula is a newspaper reporter, who writes the Monroe on a Budget column for her local paper in Michigan. I’m a big fan of her work, and I really love her latest column, 10 Rules to Play Fair While Shopping with Coupons.

Terence Turner: What can I say? Mr. Turner is the guy who wrote the man manifesto on on how to have a smooth coupon game when on a date. God bless, Mr. Turner. He’ll be on deck to chat all about his views of coupon etiquette from a male frugal point of view.

So what are some of your thoughts when it comes to couponing? Is it OK to stockpile coupons and save money? Can your man bring coupons on a date? Is it OK not to tip the servers at free happy hours and other events?

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