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Facebook Wedding Invitations

by frugalista on September 6, 2011

Hey, my Frugalistas!! I was quoted in a Sun-Sentinel article about the growing trend of brides using Facebook to send off their wedding invitations. The theory is that it’s a very quick and affordable way to invite people to share your special day. I. Am. Not. A. Fan. I am frugal. I am not cheap! What’s wrong with finding a more affordable way to send invitations– that doesn’t come with a terms of service agreement and a passcode? I was astounded and outraged that brides would use Mark Zuckerberg to design their wedding invitations. Now, I understand that you may want to save some trees, but I would prefer it if you planted a few extra trees in your backyard to make up for the printed invitation. Or, if you are an environmentalist techie, you can send out specially designed email invitations. I don’t really care for the email invitations either, but I find them tolerable.

If I were invited to a Facebook wedding, I probably would miss the invitation with the scores of happy hour invites that I get. If I did get the invite via Facebook, I would probably get you a budget gift. Yep, I said it. I would rather you just call me and invite me to the affair. A text message would even be more personal than Facebook. What’s next? Twitter wedding invitations? Or rather “twedding twivitations?”

What do you think? Would you use Facebook to send off your wedding invites?

epSos.de, Flickr

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