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Are Hermes and Louis Vuitton Flasks Frugal?

by frugalista on October 20, 2011

When I read a post about Hermes and Louis Vuitton flasks on The Purse Blog, I squealed with shock and glee. How cool! I think that LV has come out with every accessory known to man and woman, from iPad cases to dog carriers. Despite what’s sure to be a high price tag on these flasks, perhaps they are a frugal and fabulous buy! An investment, even! I mean, one cocktail at a swanky establishment can easily run $17. I know that Patron shots at some South Beach hotels can run you $20. If you were to invest in a designer flask, you could bring your own booze wherever you choose to party, provided the bouncer doesn’t spot you.

So, say you order $50 worth of drinks per week for one year, which is totally feasible for a socialite. That’s $2,600. The flask will probably pay for itself in less time!

I know some Hermes items, such as the Birking bag, may increase in value. So, you’d get to drink great alcohol without an inflated price, and you get to have an item that could actually bring you more money than you paid for it!

Would you buy a designer flask? Would you carry a flask at all? What do you think about flask? Are flasks for proper lushes or just drunks? :) Just jokes! Some of my favorite people carry flasks!

Photos via via The Purse Blog

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