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Coupons and Dating

by frugalista on October 5, 2011

Coupons and DatingHello! I promised to get you all the #dealchat transcript from last week on Coupon Etiquette. We had some really great tips in that Twitter conversation, but the most spirited part of the online chat dealt with coupons and dating.

As I said in my WHUR radio interview on dating and coupons, I would rather a coupon be used after the third date, especially if it’s for dinner. Some of the chat peeps thought I was being a bit of a stiff but others backed me up on it. I would rather a guy be creative the first few dates and take me out within his means and not need a coupon. If it means that we have to go rollerblading in the park or something alternative, I’m all for it. I think Groupon is awesome and I use the service, but I’d rather it not be a part of my romantic life until I think the guy will be around for a small while. In this modern world, I’d say it takes about three consistent dates before you may think this person may be in your life for a bit.

If you’re in college or a recent graduate, I think coupon dating makes sense right away. This economy sucks could be healthier. Now, if you’re a working professional and are thinking longer term with your romantic relationships, I think it’s important to date without the coupon in the beginning. I mean, I would really hate to be at a dinner and see my guy cringe because I ordered two glasses of wine, when he had budgeted for my meal to be free. It could get messy.

Now, anything is negotiable but I don’t think it’s too much to ask for the guy you are dating to wait a bit before the coupons. What would happen if daily deal sites folded overnight? Would I never get to date again? Also, some people are using these deals to be Don Juan and date a few people at once like they are the five-star lover. Meh!

No, it’s not a sin if you whip out a coupon on the first date. There are some sites, such as citypockets, that are making it easier to be undercover with the coupon game. You should give it a try it if you’re a determined to use a coupon right away. But in a perfect world, I’d rather the guy I’m just starting to date to find something for us to do within his means. Just my two cents on the subject.

What would you think if a guy you are dating used a coupon on the first date?

Kevin Dooley, Flickr

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