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Must-Have List for Party Girls

by frugalista on October 28, 2011

Dancing is so much fun and I love playing dress up! I wanted to share with you some frugal, pre-party tips that I have to make sure you are looking, feeling and SMELLING right!

1) Pre party, put on bronzer: Nothing says “I’m stepping out” like a good dusting of shimmery (not shiny) powder about the collar bone, upper cheek and shoulders. Don’t leave home without it – on your body! The cool thing about bronzer is that all skin tones and ethnicities look great in it. It’s all about the sheen. The Milani line has some nice bronzers that can be found at drugstores.

2) Clear deodorant in the car: Sometimes we don’t put on deodorant until after we pull that slinky dress over our body, and then forget to apply it at all. Keep a stash of antiperspirant in your car glove compartment because you must not be musty.

3) Purse right: Big bags are for the beach vacations, or for work. Ditch your over-sized work bag and carry something small and sexy like a clutch!

4) Do not forget your lip gloss: Given today’s point-and-click lifestyle, pictures of your night may end up on the web, via Twitter or Facebook. Make sure your smile is photo-op ready! For the perfect pout, I like to dab an expensive lipstick on my lips and then spread the color with an over-the-counter lip gloss. Cover Girl’s Shineblast and even Vaseline offer a nice sheen
5) Also, bring facial powder: The only thing that should be shiny is your hair or maybe your lips.

6) Neck bling: Wear a medallion necklace or something else that’s a conversation piece. You want to stand out. Some thrift stores in expensive neighborhoods may have some one-of-a-kind finds from an estate sale for pennies on the dollar. Take advantage!

What are some of your must-do rituals before going out on a night on the town?

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