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Does Your Guy Have a “Boo Budget” for You?

by frugalista on November 3, 2011

Hi, my Frugalistas! I asked Terence of the infamous coupons on a date post on, to write a post on how he’s able to budget to entertain his little lady. Read below and let me know what you think about how he’s able to fit his “boo” in his working man’s budget. I think I may need to dub him the Coupon King! :)

Boo Budgeting Basics by Terence Turner

Hello. My name is Average Guy. You’ve known me for quite some time. I’m that guy who has an honest job, makes OK money, appreciates life and loves the company of a woman. I haven’t reached that six-figure level, but over the next couple of years, I will be positioning myself to do so. I currently work at least 40 hours a week in the pursuit of my career goals and try my best to be a good steward over the financial resources I am blessed with.

So now that we’ve been re-introduced (and introduced for some) let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

We like to enjoy the simple things in life such as shelter, clothing, food, and “entertainment.” I also have a good woman who also must be considered in my financial decisions. Let’s be honest: If we are “like that,” then I’m spending two valuable resources to make your acquaintance – time and money. A lot/some/many of us struggle with how to be strategic in distributing both. And as men, we are often expected to handle most of the money matters when it comes to dating. After the essentials are taken care of, we have to turn our attention to making sure you are “entertained” to an acceptable level. Homemade turkey burgers with sweet potato waffle fries and the Redbox “Movie of the Week” can only take you so far.

As we begin to tackle the “Boo” item line in the budget, I want to make sure that opportunities are being maximized and resources are being effective. Fellas, you know your financial situation so plan accordingly. Every time you get together, doesn’t mean you have to spend money or spend a lot of money. You just have to be tactical.

Here are five tips that can and will be your debit card’s friend:

Sign-Up for Groupon
Groupon has DAILY deals for your area. Services, activities, restaurants, all that! A partner of mine recently spent $100 for spa services and a nice, white table cloth dinner. His reward? She posted a facebook status about him that got him a combination of 56 Likes AND Comments. In this day in age of social media validation? My boy was THE man.
If you are at the level where you and Miss Lady can take a weekend trip? They will take care of that as well.
Clip the Coupons
See my previous discussion about coupons.

Register for Rewards Cards
Kind of, sort of like a coupon but you feel like a BOSS when you get to that register, the cashier rings up all your items, you swipe or scan that reward card, and the price falls like Jenga blocks.
For you dudes who like to cook, you have to master the grocery game. Make enough to get her good and full, but also enough so you have leftovers for lunch. That’s one less Quizno’s sandwich you have to buy.

Peruse your local websites
Some cities have publications geared toward the social scene. These are great when searching for creative, fun things to do. Festivals, theater, sporting events, all that. Use these opportunities to introduce her to some of your interests, and vice versa. She loves live music? I guarantee there is an event going on in your city tonight that you could hit. Not only is she in her “element” but you discover new music. Together.

Use your hands!
Places like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby are a playground. You can make things for you girl. Baskets, picture frames, etc. Lean closer so I can tell you a secret (women like that type of stuff) You see this picture? I was at an event with for some students and painted my lady a pot. I’m not the most artistic person, but I recognize an opportunity to make my Love smile. She can put this piece of effort in her crib or at her desk. It didn’t cost me anything other than a dry cleaning bill due to paint getting on my work shirt.

Not really the “arts and crafts” type? Your girl could probably use a shelf for all those books she has stashed somewhere. If that doesn’t get you points, then you have my consent to analyze your future with ol’ girl.

As with many things in life, Perception is everything. You have to be diligent in making sure that regardless of what you do, she feels it is a genuine effort and she deserves it. There are some women who you won’t have to spend a fortune on. There are some who are driven by the dollar, and that is fine as well. Everyone has a lane. With that expectation on men to “make it happen,” you have to produce. How efficient you are with your boo budget is vital! Especially if you find yourself wanting to catch a suit sale at Macy’s but you know Miss Lady’s favorite artist is in town this week. A wise person once said, “You have to pay the costs, to be the Boss!” I agree. However, your personal corporation doesn’t have to experience bankruptcy in doing so.

By no means am I an expert. I’m just trying to put more flowers in that pot I made.

Be easy, yall.

Terence Turner is a recent graduate (Master’s) of The University of Toledo and works at UNC-Charlotte. Follow him on Twitter at @turnerthegreat

So what did you think about Terence’s post? He’s tactical, no? There’s nothing wrong with having a strategy for saving! :)

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