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Affordable Luxury: Chocolate!

by frugalista on December 14, 2011

Cherrio! So, the BBC is reporting how chocolate is doing great in the economy and I so have to agree. I’ve have most certainly have a killer sweet tooth done my part to make sure that it’s thriving.

For the holidays, some people are getting boxes of Godiva chocolate from me. Chocolate is a great way to say “thank you.” It’s especially nice to send to business associates. They can open the box right at their desk and become the workplace rock star!

You can get higher-end chocolate box sets from places like Godiva for $15. It’s all part of the affordable/frugal luxury trend like splurging on nail polish. We can all do things to pamper ourselves (and loved ones), feel luxurious, all for under $25 or even $10 in some cases! :)

I’ve noticed that you can find some pretty nice chocolate at a discount at Off Fifth, Saks Fifth Avenue’s outlet and TJ Maxx. Unfortunately, the Godiva chocolate at my local Last Call, Neiman Marcus’ outlet, wasn’t included in a recent store sale. See the photo evidence to the left! Tsk, tsk! The Neiman Marcus outlet will give you 40 percent off a Diane von Furstenberg dress or a Marc Jacobs bag, but your sweet tooth had better pay up! HAHAHA!! Chocolate is a powerful drug!!

What’s your favorite chocolate? What’s your favorite chocolate brand — don’t tell me Snickers! LOL! I love white chocolate. Is there such a thing as bad chocolate?

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