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Frug Does Anderson!

by frugalista on December 6, 2011

Hey, Y’all! I shot a video for Anderson “The Silver Fox” Cooper’s warm and fuzzy side – his new nationally syndicated talk show “Anderson.” It’s slated to run on Friday. I won’t tell what’s on the video, but you know I always keep it frugal and fab. Be sure to check the show out because Heidi Klum is the studio guest that day, chatting about looking your best for less. Is Heidi a Frugalista? I think so! Yay!
I am a super fan of both “The Body” and “The Silver Fox.” Together, would they be called “Body Fox?” I kid. I kid. Anderson (the show) runs at different times in different markets so please check out the website to find out what time in your ‘hood.

Stay frugal and fab!!

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