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Frugal Gifts That You Want From Your Man

by frugalista on December 19, 2011

Hey, my Frugs! How are you? I asked some of my blogger friends to tell me what their significant other, or any love interest, could buy or give them for Christmas that was low cost and lovely. The responses will show you that we women are beautiful, loving and kindhearted people!
I am providing this post as a public service to love and happiness! Just call me the Frugal Fairy Love Vixen! hahahah! xoxo
Enjoy below and please leave a comment on your favorite frugal gift that your significant other could or has given you!

Frugal Gifts That You Want From Your Man (Or that won’t make you hate his guts)

From Julia at
Honestly, this year I asked for material stuff, a pan and a vegi chop. But…
If my husband wrote me a love letter, gushing about my features and appreciating all the things I do, I would be just as happy. Would probably take him quite a few hours to compose!

From Nichelle at
If I had a significant other, I’d totally be happy with him cooking dinner/doing the dishes then getting a foot massage while we watch a movie and drink wine…
As far as a physical gift – luxe for less with these Coach Pixy rainboots %50 off for $59
stylish & great for snow/rain!

From Mary at The Recessionista:
I always appreciate a little pampering from “The Boyfriend.” I’ve tried to train him in my frugal ways, but it has not been easy. I encourage him to buy spa deals via Spaphile or Groupon. But honestly, his favorite gift, and I have the bottles to prove it , is designer perfume from the Duty Free shop at any airport. He travels about 40,000 to 50,000 miles a year for business, so the Duty Free shop at the airports he stops in are his favorite “budget” shopping excursions. I’ve been treated to perfume by Ferragamo, Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs and others.

Brittany at Clumps of Mascara:
Okay, since I’m a newlywed, I have to be extra cheesy, okay? Brace yourself for this one.
If you and your man are forever taking pictures of your adventures and experiences but never remember to actually PRINT the photos, a beautiful photo album displaying your most unforgettable memories will make the perfect gift. $15 spent on a gorgeous photo album and $10 on printing photos at a nearby drugstore will make a budget-friendly and thoughtful gift.

Niki at Cheapalicious:
I would want my hubby to gift me with an at home spa experience (massage, facial, mani, and pedi). After a long week at work, I deserve to be pampered.

Mrs. K. at Random NYC Sarcasm:
I’m a working mom and the one thing I want from my husband is for him and my son to go out for an entire day so that I can get some uninterrupted sleep

LifeLikeApps, Flickr

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