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Renting Out Your Life for Money

by frugalista on December 8, 2011

Newsweek ran a piece by essayist Rob Baedeker detailing how he rents out items in his home and even his dog to make some extra cash. I’m all about the side hustle and believe in several streams of income. Heck, I’ve even written about people selling their bodies for cash! Still, I am so surprised that he is so trusting with renting out everything from his pooch ($3 per hour) to old Saab ($150).

From the essay:
Call me a rentrepreneur, one of the growing ranks of Americans who, in a postbinge economy, are finding creative ways to make a quick buck by hiring out their personal belongings.

So far, the essayist has earned $654.85 off possessions he’s not using that much. I tend to be a bit possessive of things that I own, so I’m not sure if I could rent my car. But I WOULD like to rent someone’s doggie. I’ve been thinking about getting one, so it would be nice to spend some time with something cuddly and furry in the meantime.

Kudos for the writer for making it happen. I would prefer to use his services than to copy them in my life.

Would you rent your life for a few extra bucks?

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