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When to Spend, When to Save on Clothes

by frugalista on December 21, 2011

Hey! I was interviewed by Bankrate.com for an article on when to splurge on your clothes and when it’s O.K.to take the cut rate route. The writer, John Pacenti, did a fun job on it so I wanted to share!

As a rule, I always try to find quality items on sale, so I don’t spend as much. But sometimes, I just go for the lowest price. Like, I have no regrets for buying fake Uggs for $30. I live in Florida, so I only wear Uggs when I travel north in the winter. Even if I found a pair of Uggs for half off, it’s just not worth the money because of my lifestyle!

Anyway, the story is super helpful and I am wee bit shameless about ways to save. Yes, I’ve used a make up bag as a clutch before. I got compliments! If it helps your wallet and you look fabulous, then GO for it!

So where do you splurge and where do you spend on clothing?

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