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Frugalista’s Top 5 Posts of 2011

by frugalista on January 4, 2012

Hey Frugs! I wanted to share my top and favorite posts of 2011, in case you missed a few! If you’ve read them all, I hope you enjoy this trip down frugal and fab memory lane! If 2012 is as memorable as 2011, we shall have a happy year of saving and fun! :)

1) Real Men Use Coupons: This blog post let me know that more than women were reading my blog. Guest blogger Terence made the case for using coupons on a date and even laid down the strategy to hide it from a date. The post really made me think! Now, I would rather not deal with coupons on a date until after the third date, but Terence is convincing! Whatever works for you. I know the Frugalistos loved the post! :)

2) Why No-Buy (Month): I got a lot of attention for this post, which was actually a call-to-arms for doing a No-Buy Month. I do the No-Buy Month once a year and it helps me get focused on my finances in a good way. Doing the No-Buy Month was how I got started with my “Frugalista” journey and it’s been the best thing for me. It taught me how to pamper my bank account!

3) Home Ownership is Overrated: Yes, this post was a bit interesting and totally heartfelt. I did an interview on CNBC, basically saying I had no interest in purchasing a home at this time. There was a lot of really good discussion around the pros and cons of home ownership. I’m still glad that I’m a renter because I know it fits my lifestyle. For others, buying a home works. It’s always important to do what’s best for your personal situation.

4) Credit Union 411: This guest post had all the goods from credit union expert, Ondine Irving, on shopping for a credit union and the benefits of being a member of a credit union. I love this post because it was very informative and helpful. I posted it right in the middle of the banking fees revolt. An informed customer is the best weapon against bad finance!

5) $1,000 Eco-Trash Christian Louboutins:
This post showed a bit of my personality. I try to pride myself as a person who wants to be kind to Mother Earth, but I had to put my foot down (heh) at $1,000 heels that look like recycled trash. I still suspect that Mr. Loubie made those shoes to offset costs from donating shoes to Kim Kardashian’s “wedding.” I know Kimmie K’s mom is saying that her daughter didn’t make money off it. She needs more people.

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