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No Buy Month Rules

by frugalista on January 30, 2012

Yay! No-Buy Month starts on Wed. You know I can’t wait. I hope you all will join me and get ready to save big in February! I normally save just under $400 for the month! Some rules of engagement:

1) You pay all of your bills and handle your business. During one No-Buy Month, my car needed new tires. I got them because it’s important to be safe.

2) No buying food at restaurants or getting snacks from vending machines. Food bought at grocery stores is fair game. Yes, wine bought at the grocery store is approved. No getting your car washed professionally. Wash it yourself. No professional mani-pedis. No buying new clothes. Shop in your closet!

3) If you have any gift cards that you haven’t used yet, No-Buy Month is the perfect time to use them. Now, don’t buy gift cards for yourself today so that you can use them in February. Use gift cards that you already own and haven’t gotten around to using. So often, we forget to use our gift cards and end up losing them or letting them expire. No bueno. I hate waste.

4) You can go to a free happy hour, but you must tip the server. I hate cheap.

5) Have fun! I want to be sure you find at least one free and fabulous activity to do for the month. :)

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