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Could You Live Without Spending Money?

by frugalista on February 29, 2012

Happy Last Day of No-Buy Month!! Seriously, I’m ready for it to go, and this Leap Year is not making it any easier! I’ve spent the month of February trying to be a good little saver, cooking at home, not buying clothes. Meh! Saint, I ain’t! I’m sure my wallet is happy, but I would like to get my car washed professionally! I don’t ask for much!!

So anyway, in honor of my No-Buy Month meltdown, I’ve decided to post this inspirational tale about a German woman, Heidemarie Schwermer, who has not spent cash in 15 years.

From the article:
It was supposed to be a 12-month experiment, but she found herself loving it so much that she just couldn’t give it up. Fifteen years later, she still lives according to the principles of Gib und Nimm, doing various chores for accommodation in the houses of various members of the Tauschring, and loving every minute of it. Schwermer has written two books about her experience of living without money and asked her publisher to give the money to charity so it can make many people happy instead of just one. She’s just happy being healthier and better off than ever before.

All of her belongings fit into a single-back suitcase and a rucksack, she has emergency savings of €200 and any other money she comes across, she gives away.

I admire her strength. I love how satisfied she is with the life that she created. I don’t think I could do it full-time. Now, I don’t mind bartering to get what I want. And I like to spend money smartly. I like fancy things. Still, I’m going to finish this No-Buy Month strong! It’s the least I can do! :)

Could you live without spending cash?

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