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No Buy Month Check In!

by frugalista on February 16, 2012

No-Buy MonthHello! How are you holding up with No Buy Month? I’m doing pretty Ok. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

The Good Stuff
1) I’ve been taking care of my skin much better. Random right? Normally I don’t make time for a night-time routine, but no more! I make sure to wear my sunscreen every day and I am using vitamin E on my body. So far, so good!

2) The checkout lady at Publix and I have become friends. She notices when I change my hair. Even when I’m not in her line, she gives me a cheerful, “Hello!” I think she’s gotten really used to seeing me. All good.

3) I’ve been walking around a lot more. Walking to the bank. Walking to the post office. Fresh air is a beautiful thing, don’t you think?

4) I discovered a new steak sauce that I am in love with. Badia Chimichurri steak sauce is the truth if you like your food prepared Latin style. The last chimichurri sauce I bought tasted like grass dipped in oil. So glad I got it right this time. Maybe my Publix friend is a good luck charm.

5) I am sipping on Barefoot Wine Riesling. Now, this may not be a good thing if I turn out to be a lush. At least I will be an affordable lush, right?

Room for improvement (Why does this sound like a work evaluation?)

1) I got a pile of clothes that need to be be dry cleaned. Do I do the Dryel thing? These are my beloved dresses. I need for them to freshened up right.

2) Eating a bin of almonds is not a proper dinner

3) President’s Day is coming up. Nice sales. Meh

How are you? How is your wallet? Talk to me!

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