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No-Buy Month in the News!

by frugalista on February 7, 2012

Whooo! How is it going with No-Buy-Month? I’m hanging in there. I miss shopping a wee bit. Everything else, I’m cruising along pretty well! So I wanted to shout out some articles that have mentioned No-Buy Month! I am super excited that the saving fever is getting the shine it deserves! BTW: I will be on Fox29 WFLX at 8:15 am chatting all things frugal and fabulous in West Palm Beach on Friday.

Forbes: I’m Forbes Famous! I’m rich! Veryyyy rich!!! Ok, I’m just kidding. I’m just frugal. J. Maureen Henderson (sidenote: I love her Twitter handle – @generationmeh!!!) J. Maureen writes about early career issues for Forbes. I know first hand that having too many bills impacts the beginning of your career big time! Career conferences aren’t cheap! And the pay for your first job isn’t always the best! No-Buy Month can help you get your spending in check!

Business Insider: I love Business Insider because you can get the get the inside dirt scoop on companies that you work for! Jill Krasny did a great job capturing the drama of No-Buy Month.

Four years ago, Natalie McNeal was living it up. She was young, single and had a promising career as a reporter for the Miami Herald.
But there were skeletons in McNeal’s wallet

Heehee! Yes, skeletons in the closet are overrated! It’s the skeletons in your WALLET that keep you up at night! Love it!

Also, we have some bloggers who are taking a stand against promiscuous spending! Check out the bloggers who are Not-Buying It!!

Seek Wisdom, Find Wealth (Go, Patrice!)

The Lauryn Doll (Lauryn is hilarious)

Black Chicks with Cents! (what a name!)

So tell me, are you not buying it this month? How is it going? Is your wallet relaxing? I hope so! Give it a break! :)

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