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Where to Find Free Amazon Kindle Books

by LaurynDoll on February 21, 2012

free amazon kindle books onlineHey Frugalistas (and applicable Frugalistos)!

Were you aware that Amazon has a bunch of free Kindle books available for you to download straight to your Kindle device right now? Well, if you don’t know – now you know!

How to Find and Download Free Kindle Books

Finding free Amazon Kindle books isn’t a difficult process at all. There are several ways, but the quickest way to start searching and downloading is as follows: 

Go to Amazon.
Go to Kindle Books.
In the search function at the top of the page, type in “free kindle books.” Your search results should automatically yield free Amazon kindle books displayed in a fashion similar to this picture:

download free amazon kindle books


At this point, you can narrow your results by adding keywords that narrow down your selection, or picking from the genres to the left as displayed in the picture. Every time you select a free Kindle book, you will uncover more free Kindle book suggestions similar to that book in the recommendations.

Free Kindle Books on Facebook

In addition to searching Amazon for free Kindle downloads, you can also find some great free books on social media sites. Facebook has several awesome Facebook fan pages for free Kindle books on Amazon. There are plenty to choose from, but two of the most popular ones are Free Books for Kindle and Free eBook Deal.

Lists & Other Ways to Find Free Amazon Kindle Books Online

Last, but definitely not least, there are several places on the web that reveal great scores on Amazon Kindle freebies. Squidoo lens creator jentaylorsc created an entire lens around great Kindle freebies titled How to Find Free Kindle Books. Great things have also been mentioned about Pixel of Ink and eReader News.

As always, you can always search for “free Kindle books online” on Google, and remember, you can’t go wrong going through Amazon lists that contain various free books that other Kindle users love themselves!

Of course, if you have any great tips or websites for finding great Amazon Kindle freebies, share them in the comments below!

Disclaimer: It has been brought to attention that not every book provided on these sites and resources is indeed free. Please perform your own due diligence and think frugally if you decide to spend! Thanks! – added 2.21.12

Photo Credit: tinfoilraccoon, flickr

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