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Will Barter for Food!

by frugalista on February 7, 2012

Prada d IUpdate time! Last week, I had a dilemma because my friend, Denise, was in town from New York and wanted to go for drinks on Monday. Because I’m doing No-Buy Month, I am not spending my cash on dining/drinking out. So I held a poll and a lot of people said I should have her over to my home. I kind of didn’t want to do that either. The winter time in Miami is AWESOME! I wanted to go out and enjoy the weather.

So I decided to barter. Denise and I went for lunch at a mom-and-pop Italian restaurant, not drinks. I got a chicken and pasta special (oink) and had an awesome time catching up with my friend who abandoned me got a great job! In exchange for her paying for the meal, I gave her a bottle of Prada’s Infusion D’iris. It smells awesome! Full disclosure: I got the perfume at a Nordstrom’s event for free. Also, I am allergic to perfume. The stuff gives me a headache and makes my nose tingle. It is the WORST allergy to have. The only fragrances that I can handle are bar soap and Tommy Girl body spray. And I am too long in the tooth to smell like teen spirit, so I’ve retired my Tommy Girl spray. I’m not sure it’s even made anymore. As recently as last Christmas, I bought myself some Jimmy Choo cologne, hoping my senses could handle the beautiful fragrance. They couldn’t. :(

So anyway, I opted to give that to Denise in exchange for a warm meal. She’s a girly girl, always wearing make up. She lives at the MAC counter. Denise did my make up for free when I was on CNN. She’s forever coloring her hair cool new colors. She smiled when I gave it to her. That bottle of perfume would have a much happier life on her shelves than on mine, collecting dust!

So do you ever barter? If so, how did it work out? If you haven’t, why not? Sometimes, one party feels like they did more than the other. It can be tricky! Any tips for bartering?! I’m very happy with my bartering experience!!

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