14-Year-Old Frugalista Purchases First Home

by LaurynDoll on March 27, 2012

teen buys foreclosed home in florida
At first glance, Willow Tufano appears to be like any other 14 year old: she loves Lady Gaga, animals, and of course spending time with her mother, a real estate agent who hipped her daughter to the industry, according to NPR. Unlike most teens, Willow is a homeowner!

How 14-Year-Old Willow Became A Landlord

Willow got her start buying and selling things on Craigslist after helping a real estate investor clear out items left in abandoned properties he purchased. In exchange for selling abandoned property, she’d keep the profits, squaring away $500 a month for more than a year.

Willow and her mother bought a $12,000, two bedroom fixer upper in Port Charlotte, Fla. during a short sale. The pair worked together to renovate the home, and they now rent it out for $700 per month. Willow plans to buy out her mother and then pay off the home in a few years.

Willow: Inspiring or Depressing?

People have speculated whether or not young Willow’s capability to even purchase a home is proof that the housing market has bottomed out. I’m sorry but I have to say such speculation is completely unnecessary.

As I once read, if nobody opens doors for you, you have kick a hole in the wall and call that hole a door as you walk through. I’m inspired by Willow’s story – are you?

Image Source: Chana Joffe-Walt/NPR

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