$3 Goodwill Painting Sells for $190,000!

by LaurynDoll on March 19, 2012

goodwill auction painting sells for 190000Talk about buying low and selling high!

An 81-year-old man, who will only go by the his middle name “Leroy,” was shopping his local Goodwill in Anderson, South Carolina, when he came across an interesting vintage painting. Priced at $3, the former antiques dealer figured the painting would be worth a couple hundred dollars on the Internet.

Leroy shared this finding with daughter-in-law, who took the oil painting to the Antique Road Show, and was told the painting was worth an estimated $20 – $30 thousand dollars. Last week, the painting was sold at an auction house for – get this – $190,000! As it turns out, the painting was a Flemish oil painting 362 years old, making it exceptionally rare and valuable.

“I was speechless for a good five to ten seconds,” Leroy said of his response. “I did not know what to say.” He plans to split the profits between himself, his son, and of course, his dutiful daughter-in-law.

Check out this video posted on WISTV.com:

Have you ever shopped at Goodwill? Are you more likely to shop there now? Have you ever bought something for a really low price and sold it for a higher one? Tell us!

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