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Are generic medications worth the savings?

by frugalista on March 26, 2012

Hello, Frugs! The Frugalista Facebook group (which is AWESOME) had a great conversation about generic drugs. The New York Times ran a great article on how consumers can’t sue generic pharmaceutical companies that don’t warn about the dangers of their medication. You can sue the traditional drug companies if they don’t warn you about the ill effects of the medication that they offer; but, you can’t sue the generic drug companies. One woman, Debbie Schork, had a suit tossed out of court, after she had to have her hand amputated after being administered a generic drug in the emergency room.

From the article:

Now, what once seemed like a trivial detail — whether to take a generic or brand-name drug — has become the deciding factor in whether a patient can seek legal recourse from a drug company. The cases range from that of Ms. Schork, who wasn’t told which type of drug she had been given when she visited the hospital, to people like Camille Baruch, who developed a gastrointestinal disease after taking a generic form of the drug Accutane, as required by her health care plan

After reading about this, I was horrified. I have used generic and brand-name medications before. I know my mother refuses to use generic medications. I’m mortified that someone can be treated with a generic medication, often without their knowledge, and they can’t sue for damages if the drug harms them without warning.

The great thing about frugal living is that we can decide where to save and where to splurge. It’s not about cutting back all the time. It’s about spending on what’s valuable to your life.

It may be worth it to talk to your health professional about the whether a medication you are taking is generic and what the side effects may be if you take it. Frugalistas First! You can’t put a price tag on your health!

Do you take generic medication? Have you had any trouble with it? Is it true that you get what you pay for? Where do you get your affordable medication? I heard Costco has affordable prices.

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