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Buy the More Affordable iPad 2 or Latest Version iPad “3?”

by frugalista on March 9, 2012

Help! I’ve wanted an iPad for a few months now. I am traveling at least once a month for work and I often do presentations explaining what I do as a professional Frugalista. I even redesigned this site so that it would fit nicely on a tablet screen. I know that tablets are the future and Frugalistas must be in the game! :) Knowing how Apple is notorious for releasing new versions, I decided to wait for the version that came out this year. Well, the iPad 3 “new iPad” looks magnificent. The announcement was worth the wait. Easy buy, right? No!

Now the iPad 2 has gone on sale, making this Frugalista question what to do! You can now buy the iPad 2 for $50 to $139 cheaper than it was before the “new iPad” announcement this week. Check out, Best Buy, for instance for lower iPad 2 prices.

Frugalista tip: Beware that some places, such as Target, are selling the iPad 2 at its original price, despite the new version being announced. Do not spend more than you need to! (Tech guru Mario Armstrong has nice info on the iPad and pricing and gifted me the image for this post.)

So what should I do? I need an iPad for my career. Do I spend the extra money and make an investment on the latest version? I don’t think there’s such a bad technology investment if you have the money saved. The online world has changed my life and played a big part of my financial success. I’m tech sexy for life!

Still, I could get an iPad 2 and still use it for my job. No, it won’t have all the bells and whistles of the “new iPad” but do I need all of that? I know a lot of happy iPad 2 users! Furthermore, I don’t want to buy into Apple’s notorious hype of the latest and greatest product. They are all pretty good, whether it’s a late version or not!

So what should I do? What are you doing to do if you are an iPad enthusiast? Is it better to buy the older version and save some cash (enough for a electric bill or car gas for a few fill ups) or buy the latest iPad version to be the most current?

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