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Frugalista’s Guide to Wellness Week 2012

by LaurynDoll on March 17, 2012

spa services discounts Spring is almost here and you know what that means: SpaFinder Wellness Week is here! Wellness Week, which runs March 19-25 this year, is designed to help everyday Frugalistas like yourself to recharge and rejuvenate your health and well-being at fabulous prices – either $50 or 50 percent off, depending on the offer. 

Use Wellness Week 2012 to treat yourself or a loved one to any number of exclusive spa treatments – facials, massages, manicures, pedicures – or get some cosmetic work done, such as laser hair removal or teeth whitening.

Though the savings are  already phenomenal at Wellness Week 2012, here are a few more tips from and SpaFinder spa expert Sallie Fraenkel on how to get the most out of your spa visits while saving money.

Pamper Yourself Frugalista Style!

Book Your Appointments During Off-Peak Times

Spas are more likely to have lower rates and specials during slower work periods, so be flexible with your time in order to save money where it matters. Book your appointments on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings to maximize your chances of getting special rates for wellness services. You may also be pleased to discover you can actually purchase a longer treatment session during these periods at the standard rate of a shorter session.

Treat Yourself to Express Spa Treatments to Save Time and Money

If you’re short on either finances or time still interested in pampering yourself, consider purchasing an express treatment. Express treatments like mini-facials, hydrotherapy and foot massages are shorter and quicker than standard treatments, but they’re still a great pick-me-up.

Find Exclusive Spa Deals Online – Including via Twitter

In addition to shopping for spa specials off peak, look around online for specials on deal sites. SpaRahRah!, Lifebooker, SpaPhile, Spa Addicts – and of course Groupon are all ideal places to find great spa services at less than retail. Furthermore, insider tips have revealed that searching social media sites such as Twitter and becoming a Facebook fan of your favorite spas also yield exclusive savings opportunities not seen anywhere else!

Never Pay Retail but Tip Appropriately

Even though you can successfully book spa services at a discount, your service technician is still giving you a full service experience. Be a good Frugalista and employ your best etiquette by leaving a solid tip – 15 – 20% of the full price of service. Besides, you don’t want everyone whispering behind your back about how cheap you are when you walk out the door, do you?

Spa and Wellness Treatments are More than Luxurious Splurges

Even though you’ve read the tips provided and know how to find a great deal, you might still feel reluctant towards spending money on a spa treatment because you feel it’s a liberal expense. Relax! Spa and wellness treatments are healthy for you – studies have shown that getting something as small as a pedicure or short 15-minute massage improves your health. Furthermore, a majority of treatments are designed to with your long-term health in mind, so they can be considered preventative maintenance.


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