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International Women’s Day – Celebrity Frugalista Edition

by frugalista on March 8, 2012

Frugalista In honor of International Women’s Day, I want to shout out the frugal and fabulous ladies who read this blog AND the celebrity Frugalistas! We make being fun, fiscally fit and fly look flawless! The hand that holds the purse rules the world!

Check out some celebrity Frugalstas who I want to shout out!!

1) BEYONCE: I peeped Beyonce’s Frugalista-style from years ago! When she was spotted shopping in the sale section of a retail store, her Frugalista status was solidified.

2) EVA MENDES: Eva has smooched on leading men Will Smith and Denzel Washington and I still refuse to hate on her! She’s even recorded a song with one of my favorite artists, Cee-lo Green! Her money quote: “I don’t find pleasure in being frivolous with money. In fact, I find it uncomfortable.” Go girl!

Cee Lo Green ft. Eva Mendes – Pimps Don't Cry… by foxysoul

3) CHRISTINE LaGARDE: Not is she only the big boss at the International Monetary Fund, she cooks at home and is fashionable. I mean, the woman has had a spread in Vogue! What really showed me that she was fabulous was this big smooch after working out the Greece bail out deal! So, Anderson Cooper needs to watch out. she may just may snatch the “Silver Fox” title from him! Meow!

Certainly, if these empowered women can be smart about spending, we can, too! Who are your favorite “Frugalistas?” Name them! The more the merrier!

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