by frugalista on March 16, 2012

Miami, Fla. – With the new iPad hitting stores,, a personal finance brand, has a redesigned website with tablet enhancements.

“Considering the increase of mobile devices like the iPad in everyday use, it’s important that Frugalista stays ahead of the curve to accommodate the growing audience,” said brand CEO and owner Natalie P. McNeal.

The redesign, dubbed “Frugalista 4.0,” features a mobile-optimized homepage centered on a designated post at the top. The site’s new appearance also incorporates a simple mobile friendly category widget, complete with bright, color-coded icons that correspond to the major topics widely discussed under the Frugalista umbrella – career, deals, entertainment, money, lifestyle and relationships.

“I worked to create an outstanding interface that reflects the frugal yet tasteful and fabulous personality of the Frugalista brand.”

As IDC predicts mobile device consumption will increase globally at a rate of 16.6 percent annually through 2015, McNeal finds the move to be smart and strategic.

“Initially, the iPad was something many people purchased just to say they had one. Now, we’re in our third generation and there are an incredible number of iPad applications from banks, credit cards and money management companies that provide ample resources to help you manage your money wisely as a consumer,” McNeal said.

Founded in 2008, “Frugalista” is a personal finance brand for young people who are practicing proper money management as part of a lifestyle. In addition to discussing money-saving strategies, provides information on earning more money, making wise decisions about credit, finances and adjusting for major life changes.


Natalie P. McNeal is the CEO and owner of the Frugalista brand. Frugalista has been featured by CNN, Forbes, the New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post and Anderson Cooper.

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