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Best “Side Hustles” That Earn You Cash!

by frugalista on April 9, 2012

Money rollWoohoo! have a few tips that I whipped up if you are looking to earn a little extra money! Earn more, save more. Earn more, pay off more (debt)! Earn more, invest more! I love it!

The Frugalista plan is not only about cutting expenses but also increasing your income. Having a healthy bank account allows you to save more, get out of debt and buy things that are truly valuable to you.

So here are a few of my Frugalista tips for earning extra cash during the year. Happy side hustling!

1) Sell Your Stuff: Yes, you can do it. Garage sales are an option but not the only one. Consider setting up shop on eBay and selling your designer goods that are in better condition. Luxury purses do especially well. Kids toys do, too. Or, you may have a cell phone that you want to unload. If you have some nice clothing sitting in your closet, consider taking them to a consignment shop. If accepted and sold, you can get some cash for little work. Gold has been a hot metal for a while, so also consider selling your goods to some pawn shops locally or online at No, I didn’t make a mistake with the name of the website.

2) Freelance: There’s nothing wrong with picking up few freelance gigs, provided that your main job doesn’t see it as a conflict. If you like to write, sites such as DemandMedia can help lead you to opportunities. If you’re a professional writer, those sites may not be of interest to you. For professional writers, I am a fan of for writing and editing opportunities. It’s worth it to add a freelance profile on It’s how I found really talented writers for a website that I edited.

3) Tutor/Teach: If you’ve worked more than five years in one industry, you probably have an expertise in it. If you love kids, consider tutoring children after school or on weekends if you have a great math or English skills. Or consider teaching a class on the community college level. Continuing education courses don’t require a master’s degree to teach them. If you are great at social media, consider setting up a paid webinar to help teach people how to use it. Everyone has a talent doing something. Figure out a way to earn a buck from it!

4) Shop on it: If you have a flexible schedule, consider secret shopping.  Visit the Mystery Shopping Providers America website, click on the “Shoppers” portal of the homepage. This will take you to an area that provides specific legitimate information about no-fee mystery shopping.
Search for mystery shopper positions in your area using the search form on the site. You’ll be able to see different types of shops are available, as well as estimated shop fees you’ll earn upon successful completion.

5) Put Five on It: Fiverr is a website that’s picking up steam. You can advertise what services you are willing to provide for five bucks! I love the concept and I’ve used it as a customer. One man has earned Chris Hardy, earned more than $3,400 in one year doing voice overs after advertising on Fiverr.

So, what do you do to earn extra cash? Tell us below!!

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