Brazilians’ Right to Beauty Allows for Free Cosmetic Surgery

by LaurynDoll on April 10, 2012

Black Girl and Plastic SurgeryBrazil has given more than 14,000 native Brazilians free cosmetic surgery, largely thanks to one of the world’s top cosmetic surgeons: Ivo Pitanguy.

NY Daily News reports that Pitanguy is one of Brazil’s most popular figures.

“Beauty is a Right”

Known as a cosmetic surgery philosopher of sorts, Pitanguy says that “beauty is a right.” As an advocate for expanding the availability of cosmetic procedures for Brazil’s poverty-stricken population living at or below poverty levels, Pitanguy’s undertaken several charitable efforts. He funded a surgical wing at a hospital to provide treatment for both poor and underprivileged burn and reconstructive surgery patients, as well as discounted cosmetic procedures.

At least 14,000 patients have received free cosmetic treatments since 1997, including Botox, laser hair removal, chemical peels and anti-cellulite treatments. Cosmetic procedures available for patients include Botox, laser hair removal, chemical peels and anti-cellulite treatments

So what do you think about Brazil’s program? Should cosmetic surgery be free? Is cosmetic surgery good or bad?

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