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Make Extra Money: Woman Makes Thousands, $5 at a Time

by frugalista on April 27, 2012

Hey Frugs! If you’re looking to make extra money, I say check out the website Fiverr. I mentioned the website in an earlier article on ways to make extra money. It’s a site where people make extra money by doing odd gigs for $5. Today, I have an interview with Mary Ingrassia, a graphic designer who has earned more than $9,000, five bucks at a time sharing her talents on Fiverr! Read the interview with the young and fabulous Frugalista, Mary!

Make Extra Money: How One Woman Earned Thousands, Five Bucks at a Time


Why did you join Fiverr? How did you hear about it?

I first heard about Fiverr about a year ago from a Yahoo News article, and decided there was no harm in trying it out. My first gig was to create graphics which didn’t sell too well. Then I came up with the idea to have my bird, Pickle, play around a logo or message for $5. It was an overnight success!

What are the keys to being successful on it?

1) Be Different. Having your own style and a different spin on a common idea can get you noticed.
2) Be original, and try to stand out. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Think about what a customer would like. Ask yourself “Would I buy this gig?”
3) Do what you love! Focus on your talents and strengths. Think about something you can do that is uncommon.

How are you using the Fiverr money?

I’m saving it up mostly, and using it for online shopping and even paying some bills.

What’s your day job? Is it graphic design?

Yes, I am a graphic designer. I have had success as an independent contractor but was also looking for a way to make some extra cash that could incorporate my existing talent.

Have you tried other ways to earn extra cash? How do those jobs compare?

I do freelance graphic design already, but I was looking for even more freelance work. Once I found Fiverr and became successful on it, I felt like it was just the right amount of extra freelancing work that I was looking for.

What investments did you have to make to be successful on Fiverr? Do you have to block certain times during the day to get your Fiverr jobs done?

In the beginning on Fiverr, I just used what I had. I used plain desk lamps to light my videos, and my phone camera to film them. Once I started getting more orders and became a top seller, I invested in a more professional lighting set up, and a high-end camera.

I usually do my videos in the morning for about 3-5 hours, depending on how many orders I have. Then the rest of the day I will take care of my other freelancing work.

How much have you earned? How many Fiverr gigs do you do in a week?

So far I have earned over $9,000 while using the site. Since I am a top seller, I also offer upgrades – “gig extras” – which lots of people add on top of their basic order. $10 for a faster turnaround time, $5 for 3 pages of text to be speed written (people say what they sell, etc.), $5 for a more complex logo (with a character, there’s more color, etc.).
I get about five to 10 orders per day.

Were you surprised that you made so much on Fiverr? What do you think about how money adds up?

I was very surprised that my gigs became so popular. It was unexpected success.
The money definitely does add up, especially due to the gig extras. I think it’s great!

What’s the weirdest or most interesting gig that you’ve done?

One time I did a “Pickle video” where my bird played around a message for a guy who was proposing to his girlfriend!

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