Need a Spring Cocktail Recipe? Try a Sweet Tea Poptail!

by frugalista on April 11, 2012

Pop Tail Spring is here and summer is just around the corner – time for some warm-weather cocktails! We just had to recruit Danielle Harling, editor of the Lushworthy blog, for a drink recipe! Little did we know that Danielle would create an “poptail” for us! This isn’t your childhood popsicle! Enjoy this special guest blog below and cheers to you!!

Cool Down With A Tuaca Sweet Tea Poptail This Spring by Danielle Harling, editor of Lushworthy

While Mother Nature may be suffering from a mild case of moodiness at the moment (Accuweather predicts a low of 38 degrees one day this week here in Atlanta) I’m sure it’s only a matter of days before we’re all basking in the glorious springtime sun. Here in the South sweet tea has always been quite the popular beverage especially in the warmer months. And if you want to add a bit of a kick to your sweet tea there’s always the “spiked” option where you kick things up a little by adding a splash or two of vodka, rum, etc.
Spiked lemonades, sweet teas, etc. are always an exciting addition to any party, but if you really want to impress try turning these cocktails into “poptails.” What is a poptail you ask? Well, it’s basically a popsicle made using a combination of the beverage and liquor of your choice.
You can get very creative with poptails, but if you’re eager to give these a try then the Tuaca Sweet Tea Pop’tails are a great start.

What You’ll Need for a Spring Poptail

Popsicle Mold
2 oz. Tuaca Liqueur Pop Tail
3 Cups Sweet Tea
Frozen Pineapples Sliced Into Small Pieces (Make things really Lushworthy by soaking your frozen pineapples in Tuaca Liqueur before you add them to the popsicle mold.)

Directions for the Poptail

Add your sweet tea to a large cup or container, pour in Tuaca Liqueur, and stir. Set aside momentarily. Place frozen pineapples into popsicle mold. Pour your sweet tea and Tuaca Liqueur mixture into popsicle molds.
Now if you’re dealing with your old-fashioned, wooden popsicle sticks you’re going to let your popsicle mix freeze a little bit before adding the sticks or else they won’t stick up straight. But if you’re mold comes with sticks you’ll likely add them right after you pour in your sweet tea/Tuaca mix.
Place popsicle mold into the freezer. Due to the added liquor the popsicles take a while to freeze so you’ll likely have to keep your popsicles in the freezer overnight.

So what do you think about Danielle’s poptail recipe? Is it Lushworthy? Have you tried a poptail before? What’s your favorite summer cocktail?

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