Spring 2012 Fashion Trend Report: Color Blocks, Tribal Prints and Florals!

by LaurynDoll on April 5, 2012

Fashion Star Macys Spring 2012 LooksWe had a ball last night on our Twitter #dealchat discussing insider Spring 2012 fashion trends and shopping tips with John-John Williams IV, fashion writer for the Baltimore Sun. Since we’re all about bringing sexy back for everyone, here’s an interview with John-John for all the Frugalistas and Frugalistos who couldn’t make it!

Spring Fashion Trends for 2012

What made you a fashion writer? 

I was actually asked to do the beat by my Executive Editor, who is a former fashion reporter. I love it and I’ve done it a little more than a year.

What are the hottest spring and summer fashion trends for women?

Color-blocking, neon colors, the Great Gatsby look, tribal prints and florals.

Spring Fashions John John Williams

 For men?

For men, making sure you’re wearing a clean shirt. LOL. Just kidding.Trends for guys: add a colorful bow tie or pocket square to revamp your sports coat, button down ensemble. Brooches are hot also. Jay-Z has worn one. You can purchase nice accessories at Marshall’s, Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx or thrift stores.

Where can we get them on the frugal without looking cheap?

The same places you’re getting the rest of your more expensive clothes. I go to boutiques, major retailers like Macy’s, and discount retailers. You’d be surprised what you can find. And you don’t have to automatically go to the clearance rack. There are plenty of affordable frocks right there for the picking.

Jay-Z Wearing Broocj

Should we get the clothing tailored?

It depends. If you know your designer or brand, you might not have to get your clothes tailored. Express and Banana Republic cut clothes larger than say an H&M.

How can we wear color block without looking like a clown?

I’d advise a three color diet. Don’t rock more than three colors at a time. Unless you are a truly skilled stylista, I’d play it safe with a three color max.

What designers do you recommend who do frugal and fabulous trend right fashions right?

At Macy’s I found that Rachel Roy has a number of affordable separates and dresses. And bless that Jessica Simpson. She has fabulous shoes, handbags, and dresses that are eye-popping without breaking the bank. Check out Ben Sherman at Nordstrom Rack for menswear. His ties and hats are pretty spectacular. Throw in one of those to your regular dress shirt and sports coat, and you’ll have a new, sleek look.

What’s the Gatsby trend? How do we purchase it? What’s the Mad Men trend? How can we wear it without looking like a period piece?

The great Gatsby trend is clothing from the 20s, prohibition era. (Think “Boardwalk Empire.) The Mad Men era is the 60s. Mod clothing. Tailored dark suits. Skinny ties. Fedoras. I say add elements of these trends to your

contemporary wardrobe. You don’t want to look like you’re going to a costume party. For the “Mad Men” look, go to the Banana Republic outlet store. They should have plenty of pieces at discounted prices. For the Great Gatsby look, grab a recent copy of a fashion magazine, and bring that to your boutique or vintage store and ask an associate to help you look like that. You’d be surprised what they may find.

What did you discover while doing your affordable fashion under $100 piece? Insider deets, please?

I found out that it is possible. LOL. Honestly, I found out that you don’t have to go to the clearance rack to get a good deal. In fact I didn’t use the clearance rack for the entire shoot. (I felt that would be sort of like cheating.) I found that national retailers and local boutiques already sold garments at affordable price points. I’ve noticed that a number of boutiques have started to specialize in selling affordable frocks. I also discovered that with big named designers such as Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Rachel Roy, etc., separates are your best bets. You might not find a dress for under $100 with those names. But you will find a skirt or a fun blouse. Mix those in with your existing wardrobe for new, fun creations.

What are your favorite frugal and fab stores for men? Women?

Macy’s Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, local boutiques, thrift stores. You name it. I’m there. I believe in shopping piece meal. I’m a fan of mixing and matching. That is the key to great fashion and style. You have to be willing to mix it up.

How are you updating your wardrobe? John-John said brooches were in this season for men’s fashion. Would you buy your boo a brooch?

Fashion Image: Macy*s

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