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Would You Share Your Lottery Win With Coworkers?

by frugalista on April 2, 2012

So, if you’re like the rest of America, you’ve been captivated by the Mega Millions lottery drawing over the last week. So one of the winners, a Maryland McDonald’s worker, entered the big money lottery with her coworkers – and she said she entered on her own. Well, she won the big bucks and is now refusing to share the $107 million with her fellow low-wage workers, according to the New York Post. Some are saying she may not really be the winner. If she is, she’s quite conservative with sharing! Read her quote below!

“We had a group plan, but I went and played by myself. [The ‘winning’ ticket] wasn’t on the group plan,” McDonald’s “winner’’ Mirlande Wilson 37, told The Post yesterday, insisting she alone bought one of the three tickets nationwide that will split a record $656 million payout.

I think she has a pretty cold heart to not include her coworkers in the earnings. Now, I know that your coworkers can get on your nerves. I’m sure they’ve had hard times fighting over who gets fries and whose turn it is to work the register. I can only imagine the hot conversations that they’ve had while figuring out who works what day in the kitchen at Micky D’s. Still, I think she should share with her coworkers. They were prepared to share with her. There is enough in the big old lottery payout that will allow her to cover the minimum wage salaries of a fast food worker!

What would you do? Would you share with your coworkers? Do you think she should share? Do you think because she has seven kids, she’s trying to look out for their financial future? Does money change people?

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