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Affordable Luxury Fashion: Accessories!

by frugalista on May 9, 2012

Hi Frugalistas! Today, we have an interview with Barbra Horowitz, celebrity stylist, on frugal and fabulous accessories. If you’re shopping on a budget or a young professional who wants to be sure to buy the RIGHT items for your wardrobe, Barbra has the insider information for frugal and affordable luxury fashion. Hint: NO 3,000 bangles on one arm!! Enjoy the Q&A and see you at Twitter #dealchat at 8pm est tonight. Barbra is the guest!

Summer and Spring Fashion Accessories

Is it OK to wear accessories with a swimsuit? If so, what do you suggest?

Love, love, love jewelry with swimwear. Accessories can actually pull the viewer’s eye away from where you feel most self conscious. A beautiful gold necklace dipping in your bikini enhances your bust line. Wearing a few rings on each finger is also a big trend we are seeing this summer. A great pair of large hoops with a great pair of sunglasses works, also. I would not over do it -pick a hoop and some rings or a necklace on its own.

What accessories are “must haves” for Spring and Summer 2012?

It’s about rings, rings, rings and more rings in interestingcombos on your fingers. Wear two to four between your two hands. Seeing “back to the 80s” inspired large earrings – even
draping down to your shoulder. Pick one trend to wear either ring combos or major earrings.

Can you ever accessorize too much? How can you tell?

Sometimes “more is more” in accessorizing but it’s a balancing act. I would stay away from a ton of bangles on one side unless you balance on the other hand as well. Accessories are like draping fabric. Take one area of your body and complete a treatment like a few necklaces layered with a big pendent underneath anchoring your jewelry styling. Or use rings and bracelets together or earrings and rings together or earrings and necklaces together. My advice it to use two areas of your choice with each outfit to create the right treatment in your jewelry styling.

What made you become a stylist?

I think when you grow up in fashion and spend your early days in retail and cosmetics and then move on to being a modeling agent for eight years, the next natural progression was for me to tie retail and modeling together for real people. I understand what to buy, when to buy and the development of each person I work with regardless of age or size.

What should a woman’s accessories and fashion sense say about her?

If you know you are vivacious, silly, classic, edgy, you want to create an outer illustration to match what’s happening on the inside. Women need to take more risks with accessories and perhaps get it wrong. Get in the game and then refine, refine refine. Accessories are definitely an art. But one that can come from the heart.

Who are your favorite jewelry/accessory designers?

I love anything that has resale value. YSL is top on that list. It holds its value as a trusted brand. I also love lines that are very hard to find such as Elodie and Lydia Marcos.

What stores do you like for accessory shopping?

I think when you are accessorizing you should use a little bit of high end, little bit vintage and it’s never a problem to use inexpensive jewelry. Banana Republic does a great job recreating vintage. Nordstrom sells great jewelry especially if you need
jewelry as a guest to a wedding, or to mix and layer with your better jewelry for the evening.Fun rings can come from Club Monaco, Anthropologie, Forever 21 – just make sure you mix them in expensive-looking combos.

Do you have any more tips?

In almost every client’s closet, I find a large grouping of bangles. These bangles scream
mall!! Instead of wearing them all together, separate them and wear on both hands or as I always joke – wear one and give the others to seven girlfriends! It’s funny how this one trend in the malls just screams inexpensive!

Barbra is the author of Closet Control:The Ultimate Guide to Revitalizing Your Wardrobe and Revolutionizing the Way You Store It.Barbra’s work has been featured in British, People magazine and People Stylewatch, In Style, Style Section LA, The Los Angeles Times, and Daily Candy.

Photos courtesy of Barbra Horowitz, Rihanna’s Instagram and iStock Photo

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